Friday, August 04, 2006

Bob Zimmerman

I once worked with a fellow named Bob Zip. He was quite a nice guy. I heard he won a lottery and retired. Good for him. I had a journalism course with his step son in high school. As far as I can tell neither of them were Jewish.

The epic events of this age and especially this past week all appeared entangled with Judaism. That doesn't explain my relative silence. Many things happen as it were. Mincing and mixing metaphors I was either the target of blogspot Unabomber or my passing frame proved irresistable to a beltway sniper, either way I have been busy. Foremost with keeping Samizdat afloat and thus backtracking repeatedly to the Vollmann. My friends have all managed marvelous efforts and the experience has been rewarding even if it stops short of being considered discursive.

Such still doesn't exress my reasons, should such be delineated, at not engaging here as has become my formative habit.

What has transpired involved this holiday season and my disocvery of a new writer, courtesy of my better half. I read three books in 24 hours htis past week, two of which are by Mempo Giardinelli, a strange yet intense writer from Argentina. His novel Sultry Moon was described as kafkaesque but i considered it similar to the early Nabokov of Despair or the Enchanter, toying with genre to put food on the table for Vera and Mitya. The other novel was titled Tenth Circle and I didn't like it as much. This may have resulted from my reading of its twin just hours before.

My sister-in-law (and best man) has been plugging at her dissertation and I have been enlisted to read both the work in progress as well as possible association with other such texts. This has led me to read Salome by Wilde which I found terrific and an eerie anticipation of Beckett.

I have been enjoying Sputnick Sweetheart these past few days, another gift from my beloved. I hope to report on such and consider both another loop through Nietzsche (for Tihana) as well as keeping with the Vollmann, which I fear I have lagged behind yet again.


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