Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saddled Returns

The back page essay in this a.m.'s Book Review is about a man who can't stop beginning new books, the fellow is named Joe Queenan and he is currently reading 27 books at the same time. My own regimen has never curved outward in such a robust manner. I am usually a two book guy, one which I am reading either with Samizdat or my wife and one that I read for myself. Strange enough, one of the criteria for the personal selection is portability. Who knows? I finished Sputnik Sweetheart yesterday and wasn't moved by it. would relegate it to the second rung of Murakami's achievement which makes it better than most, but ultimately unsatisfying. I began the Grass book From The Diary Of A Snail but i think I am eager to return to the Oz memoir. It is odd how that freakish rainstorm warped a cd boxset and soaked a book which I was despite myself really enjoying. I would say that I will finish the Tournier by the end of this month, along with the Vollmann, I imagine. I have moved Burton's Melancholy to the watercloset and will thus began my concluding approach - it should only take a few years.


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