Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Morning After

My anger has mitigated and a taste of actual philanthropy from my fellow citizens has left with an instance that The Road Warrior may not be our inevitable destiny. It was a rich night, where I read deep into the night, discovering a trove of information in a book by Adam Tooze about the economic of the Third Reich and how this book affects Ferguson's opinions on options for the Axis powers. I will likely a buy a used copy of the Tooze soon.

It is Ken Burns season and I have had a few spirited conversations lately about WWII, not least of which was public outburst towards Lloyd. It is a difficult event to avoid, the scope of it as well as the relative proximity to our own endeavored clusterfuck leaves the conflagration as the Penumbra of our times: not a sixty foot Jesus in the buckeye State.


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